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Business Continuity Program Management (BCPM) is a managed service offering for smaller organization that don't have the budget or skill sets internally to perform the ongoing BCM activities required to review, test, maintain or enhance their BCM Program.

RCS provides a managed service that will provide expertise to your organization to complete the tasks required to achieve a high level of resiliency within your organization.


We will work with your organization to establish a schedule of activities including:

  • Business Impact Assessments

  • Business Unit Plan Review

  • Exercises Planning including:

  • Tabletop Walkthrough

  • Workplace Recovery

  • Business Unit Plan Testing

  • IT DRP Testing

  • Integrated Business Unit Testing with IT

  • Crisis Management Exercises

  • Integrated Vendor Testing

  • BCM Change Tracking

  • Business Unit and IT Gap Assessment

  • Business Unit Plan Maintenance

  • Staff and Executive Training

  • BCM Roadmaps

The tasks are distributed internally to our group of qualified staff to address your needs and guide your business through the process.

The service is a fee based subscription scaled to the size and complexity of the organization.


An online dashboard provides you with up to date activity schedules and real time status reports.


Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss your needs

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